The little seaside village of Rush,situated just 20 minutes north of Dublin airport and 20 minutes from the city centre by train is a must stay.Charming restaurants and bars,great B&Bs and fantastic scenery.Particularly the North beach,with its views of the Harbour and Lambay island panning accross to Rockabill Lighthouse and the cliffs of Drumonagh,which hosts the biggest Roman settlement in the country.Although the site is not developed,one can walk to it along the cliffs.The cliffs are also the site of a stout tower called a Martello tower.These towers were built as a defence from Napoleon by the English,and as history will tell you,Napoleon never did attack Ireland.These cliffs are also the home to the Smugglers caves,notorous as the hiding place of the famous pirate 'Jack the Bachelor'.

The village itself has the fingal arts centre and anyone who visits can see for themselves why the area hosts such a large amount of artists.The centre,which was the old church....the first to be built in Ireland after the reformation...also holds a craft centre and one can get anything in there from beautiful cut glass to greeting cards or avail of the fantastic photography on sale there.

With 2 B&Bs in the town,Ailesbury house on the North beach and Sandy hills on the south beach,you won't regret losing to heart to Ireland here