On the way to Malin Head in County Donegal, take the time to detour out to Doagh Isle, to the Famine Musuem. Parking is readily available, and the admission fee is reasonable. Mainly covered, with some open air sections, suitable for both rain and shine.

Visitors begin with a short wait where they are served tea and assorted breads and biscuits. From there, the knowledgable host takes you on a guided tour of a refurbished cottage, where the lifestyle of the people just prior to the famine is explained. From there, the escorted tour brings you to an Irish Wake setting, where the customs and the reasons for them are described, including many terms that are now included in idiomatic language.

The guided tour then brings the visitor to a walkway section with life-sized dioramas depicting aspects of life in Ireland during the famine. What makes this musuem and presentation so special, though, are the connections drawn between the events and management of the famine in Ireland and the events and management of famines in other countries today. This museum does not so much seek to set apart the Famine times in Ireland as to place them in a global and timeless context.