Here are some Cork Trad Irish music venues for you to visit on your trip to the city. They are nice trad bars with an ‘electric’ atmosphere when there is a gig on. They will get very full quickly on gig nights, so if you want something resembling a seat you will want to be there early. There may be a cover charge at the door but that depends on what artist is in session. 


Carroll's Bar, St. Luke's Cross, Cork. Just across from the old toll booth at the top of St. Lukes. This newly renovated bar has trad every Friday and Saturday night.

Counihans bar, Pembroke St. (beside the GPO) in Cork city every Sunday night at 9:30pm. Here, the band Arundó, an original four piece group based in North Cork, play an exciting mixture of traditional and contemporary Irish music.

Through the Summer, the Triskel Arts Centre puts on a show called Pulses of Tradition, which combines traditional Irish music and dance, on Thursday and Friday nighs.

 The newly-renovated Cork live music pub, The Oliver Plunkett (formerly Scotts) in Oliver Plunkett Street has tapped into traditional thinking in its aim to be ‘the pub where everyone knows your name’. The OP pride ourselves on being an Irish bar and have decorated the wall with old Irish saying, and simple words as well as paintings which show Co. Cork then and now.

The Oliver Plunkett does trad every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as there is an extensive array of Irish artists performing 7 nights a week.  The Oliver Plunkett is the perfect place for tourists and Irish customers looking for a bit of craic! 

The newTrad Session Mondaysat No.3 Hanover Place, Washington Street, runs a traiditonal irish music gig every Monday that allows other musicians to come in and feel to particpate in. A new pub with bespoke artwork and great vobes al around. 

The Gables bar on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, this is located at Douglas Street (about 10 minutes walk from City Hall – no bus to the door so take a taxi if you don't want to walk) At first glance Douglas Street might look a bit dodgy but it's not at all it's just an older area of the city. 

Cruiscin Lan, Douglas Street – Sun 6pm (Pronounced Crew-skeen  Lawn)  It means ‘The full Jug’ in the Irish language. 

The Corner house on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (BlueGrass on Monday evening) located at Coburg Street, two minutes from Patricks Bridge which is City Centre. 

Just a few doors away from the Corner House is a pub called Sin É (pronounced Shin - A) meaning "That's It !" in Irish.  They boast live Traditional music every Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night since 1972.  They also boast Improv Comedy on a daily basis , lively banter and a warm welcome. Definitely worth a trip to Coburg Street.   Across the road from the Corner House and Sin É is the 'City Limits' Comedy Club - a well renowned comedy club - booking essential (and you can book on the web)

Spailpin Fanach, South Main St. – Weds & Fri (prob other nights as well but not the best venue as its hard to see musicians)  Spailpin Fánach is a wandering Gypsy !!Pronounced Spal-peen fawn-ock. 

L.V. Bar MacCurtain st - Monday nights, craichouse stand up comedy every Saturday might at 9.30 p.m.

South County Bar & café in the Cork suburb of Douglas which is about 10 minutes by bus or taxi from Cork city centre. Here you will find Live Irish music sessions 4 nights a week , every week , all year round !  Tues., Wed., & Thursdays at 9.30pm and Sunday evenings a singalong ballad session at 6pm.  You can ring ahead and book a table too....

Every Tuesday night in Blarney Castle Hotel, Blarney, Co. Cork  from 9.30pm onwards there is an excellent session of Traditional Irish Music.  Guests are welcome to participate also.

All great and popular venues and from any of these you will get further details of other gigs taking place at other venues. Go in during the day or early before a gig if you want to get some information from the bar staff.

ENJOY the TRAD and before you travel here check out this site for CORK and then click on NIGHTS OUT and then TRADITIONAL IRISH

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