There are words and phrases that you will hear all through out Ireland. But because the accents and dialect differ greatly through out the country you will hear words and phrases in Cork that you never hear in Dublin or Galway or any other part of Ireland.

Corkonian can be a very confusing language. Things often mean the opposite of what is said.

  • Examples:
  • Visitor: "Do you plan to go to the cinema tonight?"
  • Local: "I will, yeah!"
  • *** saying I will yeah actually means - no
  • Visitor: "Wow it's warm and sunny outside today."
  • Local : "How Bad!"
  • **** How Bad actually means - thats great, wow!
  • Some of the most common expressions you will hear in Cork :
  • The word 'Like' is used often at the end of a sentence for no grammatical reason: "I went to the shop like."
  • The words 'Like eh' are often used in the beginning of a sentence : "Like you have a fag?"
  • Come er ta me - (Come Here To Me ) means - Excuse me?
  • Ya Wud Yeah - (You Would Yeah) means - You wouldn't dare!
  • The word "Bhoy" is often thrown into a sentence and does not always refer to a young man.
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