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For detailed walking routes in County Clare;

For detailed directions and maps for walks in Ireland's Shannon Region, which covers Limerick, Clare, North Tipperary and South Offaly visit 

 There are many marked ways in Ireland. 

 County Kerry: The Dingle Way,  and The Saints' Road, also known as The Pilgrim's Route, both on the Dingle Peninsula:

 There is a very good publication "Medieval Irish Pilgrim Paths No: 1 -The Saints Road" which gives detailed information on the route and sites along the way.  It should be available from the Tourist Information Centre in Dingle.

County Cork: Beara



There are a lot of "Guides" sprining up all over Ireland charging to take tourist on these walks, all of the walks in ireland across public areas are free and can be done alone or with companions, the charges of up to 35.00euro per person for some of the walks is a rip off, experienced walkers do not need to be guided or pay for these walks. You will want to welcome walkers to the country and not be sending them home thinking that they have to pay a guide to walk on  mountains or hills. Be careful and ask locals for advice and you will enjoy walking in Ireland for free, just a it was intended.. walk at your own pace, experience has taugh its the best way,