Quoting your budgets in Euro

The local currency in the Republic of Ireland is the Euro.  There are a number of reasons why it makes sense for visitors asking for information, advice, recommendations and suggestions on the Ireland Forums to give their budgets (e.g. travel, accommodation, restaurants, etc.) in Euro rather than in your local currency.

Prices in the Republic of Ireland are in Euro.   Many of the regular posters on the Ireland Forums are locals who would have no reason to know the current Euro exchange rates for your own currency.  Posters who regularly answer travellers' questions give freely of their time and knowledge for no other reward than helping you have a successful and enjoyable visit to Ireland.   Providing any budgetary information in Euro when asking for their help is a courtesy to them which will be appreciated, rather than expecting them to convert your currency before they can answer your questions.

Another good reason for quoting your budgets in Euro is the volatile nature of exchange rates.   Exchange rates can and do fluctuate wildly even over relatively short periods.  What your own currency is worth in Euro today might not be what is worth in a few months or a year's time when you take your trip.  Euro prices, on the other hand, will remain more or less the same.  

You can use this handy online tool for calculating currency exchange rates: