On the A719 coastal road in Ayrshire, not far from Culzean Castle, is one of the oddest natural phenomena one is likely to encounter in Scotland or, for that matter, anywhere. Called the "Electric Brae" for an effect (once-believed to be electrical) that appears to counteract gravity, vehicles and objects seem to roll UP a decline on a short stretch of the road. Viewed from Culzean or another vantage point, it can be seen that the roadway is indeed inclined; but whilst there, one would swear that the opposite was the case.

Except for a stone marker at the layby and a sign warning that vehicles may be stopped, it's easy to mistake this spot for any other lovely location along this two-lane. Caution should be exhibited when traveling the A719 as well as experiencing the Electric Brae's oddity (a brae is a hill)...stop your vehicle, shift to neutral, release your brake and, in short order, you will begin to slowly roll "up the hill". In the other direction, at around 30 mph, slip into neutral, and you'll maintain your speed going uphill.

It is explained on the marker that it is a result an optical illusion due to the appearance of the surrounding land and seascape and even photographs confirm what the eye is fooled into believing.

The drive is lovely and, short of attempting a scientific analysis, it's well-worth a five-minute stop to be further amazed by the Scottish countryside.