The Abbey is in the town centre and is located at  Abbey  Close , it  sits across from the Town hall, the Abbey was founded when the then High Steward of Paisley Walter Fitzalan  signed the charter to allow the formation of a monastery on land that he owned seven miles from Glasgow Paisley at the time would have then been known as Paisleeth.

Monks then travelled from Shropshire to set up the priory on ground that had been a church formed by St Mirrin in the 6Th Century , The priory was given Abbey status and thus only answerable to the Pope during  the 1200's

The Abbey was dedicated to four saints these being St.Mary , St.James and of course the local saint St. Mirrin  (who is credited with bringing Christianity to the local area) the fourth Saint is St. Milburga who was the Saint from Wenlock ( which was local to the Shropshire Monks)

Paisley Abbey enjoyed visits from royalty and thus became wealthy and very influential , there is evidence of  extensive trade between Paisley Abbey and Europe, William Wallace it is claimed was also educated by the Monks  of Paisley Abbey.

In  1307 much of the Abbey was unfortunately destroyed by fire and was not restored until the 14Th Century,  however in 1315 the then King of Scotland's daughter Marjory Bruce married the sixth High steward Walter , many would say that the marriage was however doomed from the start as a year after her wedding Marjory was killed in a riding accident, she had been pregnant at the time , the child having been saved was to later become King and first of the Stewart Monarchs , of which the present Queen is a descendant , for that very reason the Abbey claims to be 'the cradle of the Stewarts'.

The Abbey is in fact the resting places of six High Stewards , the wives  of two KIngs  and of course Princess Marjory.

During the reformation the Monastery was disbanded and the buildings given to the Hamilton family and part of the Abbey became the parish church.

The Abbey its self is a very large building approximately 279 feet long !!  and can be seen quite clearly from many areas of the town., the Abbey began a period of restoration in 2002 and it is estimated this will take about 10 years

Some notable things to see whilst in the Abbey are The William Wallace window ,the coat of arms of the Cathcart Family , and one of the oldest organs known as well as being one of the best in the world.