The weather can change at any minute in Scotland. It can be sunny and dry one second and then the heavens might open up and dump a deluge of water on you. Keeping that in mind, it's a good idea to pack a coat, as well as an umbrella when you're planning to visit this area.

The best times to visit are generally the spring and summer months because the days are longer (in the summer, it can be light out until 11 pm the further north you go) and the temperatures are comfortable. The summer is especially nice because you don't get brutal hot spells. There aren't any real extremes when it comes to the temperatures in this area - it stays fairly even year-round. It can be more depressing in the winter though because there aren't many hours of daylight and it's generally wetter during this season. Plus, a lot of the tourist attractions have limited hours (or are closed completely) in the winter.

BBC's Inverness Weather - 5 Day Forecast