The Scottish Highlands are an outdoorsman's paradise. You can do literally anything you want to in the Highlands, and there are a number of different sports and various activities that you can take part in and watch while you are visiting. If you visit in the spring or summer, you can do things like hiking, camping, fishing, or golfing. Because golf was invented in Scotland, the sport is taken very seriously. There are 44 courses that you can play on in the Highlands, with over 600 holes. Simply put, that's a lot of golf. If you like mountain climbing, you can get your share in. Getting on top of the mountains and seeing the beautiful sights is stunning, and it makes the trip worthwhile. Getting out on the water is also a good thing to do. There are places where you can go white water rafting, canyoning and much more. You can go fishing off the coast, or you can do deep sea fishing. You can also rent a sailboat and explore the coastline. If you visit in the winter, you can do some of these activities as well as skiing and skating. The skiing on the mountains can be very enjoyable, and it's a good alternative to the Alps if you aren't very experienced.