The Scottish Highlands have a very long and proud history, and the culture has been growing and changing throughout the course of time. However, the culture still holds many traditions and customs from thousands of years ago. The root of Scottish culture is Gaelic , the ancient language of the Scots. Even though the language itself has been a huge part of the culture it is mostly spoken in the Hebrides and there is a great effort at the moment to keep the language alive and relevant,The Scottish gaelic language has a wealth of beautiful songs and poems. Today the culture also celebrates food, games, music, and the arts. There are many symbols of Scottish culture that most people can easily identify, such as kilts and bagpipes. These are only two of the many symbols of the culture. Highland Games are a huge part of the culture. The games take place mostly through the summer, and they are a huge part of the life. Lochs, mountains, and glens are also big parts of the culture and mystique of the Scottish Highlands. Almost everyone knows about the myth of the Loch Ness Monster. Of course, golf, which originated in Scotland, is another big part of the culture. Though it is hard to keep up with many of the traditions in today's modern world, many Scots feel proud of their culture, and continue to keep it alive.