There are taxis at every airport, bus and train terminal, and ferry landing throughout the Scottish Highlands. If you are just arriving and looking for transportation to your hotel, you will have no problem getting one. Once you are in a town, however, you will find that it might be a bit more difficult to get a hold of one. There are many companies located throughout the Highlands, but if you are in a smaller town with less traffic, the taxis won't just be roaming around looking for patrons. If you are in a bigger city like Iverness, however, there will be taxis on hand. You can always call ahead to one of the taxi companies and arrange a pick up. Many of the companies hire drivers over the age of 25, but some have drivers between the ages of 21-24. If you want someone who is at least 25, you can ask for one. Renting a car in the Highlands is not a problem either. You can do so at every airport, train or bus station. You will need to check to make sure you meet international standards for renting cars, however. There are certain restrictions, and though some companies do take cash, they offer require a credit card when you book with them.