The main thing that the locals do at night in the Highlands is go to pubs and enjoy some drinks and live music. A lot of the bigger bars and clubs are situated further south in Scotland, but in the Highlands you can expect to see smaller pubs with friendly atmospheres. Of course, if you go to a larger town or city, such as Inverness, you can expect to see a wilder nightlife as well as more options on where to drink and what to do. However, if you aren't staying in a large town or city, there will usually be one or two good pubs that everyone goes to. Keep a lookout for local music sessions particularly ones that play traditional scottish music .Check in local newspapers and tourist guides to see if there are any ceilidhs happening.ceilidh is a gaelic word meaning to talk or chat but has become the name for a gathering of people  and musicians  where there is dancing and maybe singing .Often times the pubs brew their own beer, which is always very good according to the locals. Whisky is also a very big deal in the Highlands. Distilling whisky used to be a job that almost everyone in the Highlands took part in, but now it is mainly left up to bigger companies. Though the music and festivities are at a peak during the Highlands Festivals, you can still have a good time and get a great experience all year round. Many Scots love to come to a pub and enjoy a pint as a part of the social life, and it's where a lot of fun events take place.