Because the Scottish Highlands encompass such a large area, it is hard to classify one solid public transportation system. However, you should know that there are bus routes and train routes connecting the whole area. If you wanted to get from one town to another, you could easily hop on a bus and be on your way. If you wanted to go somewhere a bit further, you should take a train. Taking the train is a good way to get around in Scotland, and it is very affordable and sensible. Unless you have rented a car for yourself, it doesn't make sense to continually fly all over Europe. You could do this, but you would end up spending much more money than is necessary. The buses in the Highlands aren't exactly bad, but they aren't state of the art either. Many of them haven't been fixed or updated in a long time. Some of the buses are quite dirty in fact. Still, some of the buses are in the process of being fixed or replaced, and if you get a new bus it is very enjoyable and a pleasant experience to ride on one. You should always check the local listings to see when the buses and trains are leaving, as they often change.