The Basement on Broughton Street; good food, good atmosphere and good prices. Native 'Edinburgers' eat there on a very regular basis and have never, ever have a bad word to say about it.

Open from noon, the Basement offers an excellent two course lunch for £7.50, served until 2pm, although you can order food right up until 10pm. At 5pm, the Basement comes alive as offices pour out and doubles as a trendy pub on one side of the bar and a restaurant on the other, however you can eat at the bar side too. Due to it's popularity, book a table if you have a party of over two and desire more than one course.

The atmosphere is relaxed and waiting staff decked out in Hawaiian shirts are up for the banter. The crowd is mixed: students, professionals, John Lewis and Radio Forth staff.

At the weekend, the menu is more Mexican-focussed, but still deliciously tasty.

Hewat's is located at 19-21b Causwayside, tel 0131 466 6660. 

It is a chef owned, by Richard Hewat and his wife is the hostess.  A wonderfully friendly place to eat lunch or dinner.  The food is fantastic and the prices quite reasonable.

Other options include Merchants and Daniel's Bistro.