On foot:  Travelers will find that it is easy to reach many locations in Dundee simply by walking to them.  This is at least true of all of the downtown locations, as downtown Dundee is relatively small in area.

By bike:  Travelers who are interested can rent bicycles for travel around the greater area of Dundee .

By bus:  Travelers will find the Dundee bus system to be efficient, inexpensive and easy to learn to navigate.  The bus station is located in downtown Dundee and has both city and regional buses which can get visitors to nearly any location they are interested in seeing.  The system is conveniently set up to make it easy for travelers to plan their bus routes online.  See http://www.dundeetravelinfo.com/ and http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g18... for more information.

By car:  Travelers who opt to do so can rent a car for travel throughout Dundee .  This is most frequently done at the airport upon arrival but can also be done within the city which may be a less expensive option.

By taxi:   Taxis are a good option for travelers seeking to get around the area quickly.   Taxis can be found waiting at taxi ranks which are located on High Street and Nethergate.