Of all of the locations throughout Scotland , Dundee is the one which is said to be the sunniest, a trait which offers great appeal to worldwide visitors who want to have a wonderful Scottish vacation without rainfall.  Despite this, Dundee is a rainy location in comparison with many parts of the world, so visitors should prepare themselves for at least some precipitation.  Springtime is the rainiest period and late summer the least rainy.  There are usually one to two inches of rain during any given month, though.  For comprehensive information about annual rainfall throughout the area, see http://www.woodend.pwp.blueyonder.co.... .

In terms of temperature, the average summer high temperature in Dundee is in the high 60’s, making this a fairly cool respite from other warm places throughout the world.   The average winter low temperature remains above freezing, so this is also a good place to visit during the winter if visitors are seeking to get away from freezing temperatures elsewhere.

Updated information for weather in Dundee and the surrounding area, including forecast information and weather warnings, can be accessed online at the Met Office website for Northeast Scotland ( http://www.met-office.gov.uk/weather/... ).  Information about the best places to go on day trips for various types of weather changes is also available online at http://www.personal.dundee.ac.uk/~tah... .