Dundee is an area which was settled in ancient times.  There are archaeological remnants suggesting that the area was well settled during the ancient Iron Age.  It is also believed that the area was used as a lookout post by the ancient Romans around the beginning of the first century.

The area first became recognized as its own place in the twelfth century, when William the Lion named it a “burgh”.   The next several centuries were a period of ebbs and flows in the history of the area, with groups occupying, destroying and rebuilding it relatively consistently.  As a result of this, by the middle of the sixteenth century, Dundee became a walled-in city, using military arms to protect itself.  Many of the historic sites, such as the H.M. Frigate Unicorn War Ship (see http://www.tripadvisor.com/Travel-g18... for more information) are related to this time period.

After the wars settled down and international attention moved on to other areas of the globe, Dundee was left relatively quiet.  The next notable period in the history of the area came with developments resulting from the Industrial Revolution.   The area became known as the place with “Three J’s” reflecting the influence of jute, jam and journalism on the growth of the area.  Learn more about this at http://www.travelscotland.co.uk/guide... .