Visitors will probably not need to make use of Dundee ’s public transportation system for getting around much of the local area because walking and biking should suffice as modes of transportation.  (See for additional information.)  However, the bus system in Dundee is one which is efficient and easy to learn to navigate and travelers may find that the system is useful for getting around the larger parts of the Dundee as well as for reaching day trip destinations away from the area.

The Dundee bus system is run by the local government which has established a website for the system which is of great use to travelers.  It allows visitors (and locals as well) to go online to plan their bus trip simply by typing in basic information about destinations and times.  This online planning tool can be accessed at

The same website also offers a visual look at downtown Dundee so visitors can orient themselves to where the bus station is located and where the buses run.  That city map is available at  The site also offers information about local taxi hire for travelers who need to supplement their bus travel with other transportation options.  More about taxis online at .