Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, is known the world over for one main reason - the Troubles. Bombs, bullets and violence were once commonplace and there was a very visible heavy police and army presence on the streets. However, since the ceasefires in 1994 the city has regenerated itself with new hotels, shops, bars and restaurants to become a lively, vibrant, welcoming city. With more flights becoming available from many UK and European cities, Belfast is becoming more and more popular as a city break destination. All in all things are looking up for Belfast. 

Why Belfast 

Belfast is a city full or warm, friendly people and, contrary to its reputation, is very safe for tourists. The troubled days of the 1970s and 1980s may not have been conducive to tourism but they have left a legacy that can be explored today. There is a wealth of political history, with the world famous wall murals on view throughout the city. For more history, there is the Ulster Museum or City Hall, or for those looking for a different sense of history, a visit to the Crown Liquor Saloon is a must. This Victorian pub is the only one in the UK owned by the National Trust. Botanic gardens and other parks provide restful sanctuary in the heart of the city.

The restaurant and bar scene is growing and improving all the time, with something to suit everyone - from pubs to wine bars and clubs, alongside small cafes and bistros to the Michelin star rated Deanes restaurant.

The city is easily reached from the UK with flights from lasting only 1 hour or less. It is 2 hours drive from Dublin, so is easily accessible for a short break, or as part of a tour of the UK or Ireland.