Cardiff bay is the former docks area that has been transformed into one of Europe'a largest waterfront development with a freshwater lake, a barrage that separates the lake from the sea and plethora of bars and restaurants around the quay.

The bay has a lot of good restaurants and pubs but there are not many shops.  The Bay is a nice walk with the Norwegian Church (which serves yummy cakes), the Millennium centre, the Welsh Parliament, the science centre, the views of the barrage, and the walk around the bay. Past the St David’s Hotel (a large white building with sails on top of it) is a quiet salt flat with lots of birds on it.

A good way to see the bay is on a Ferry across to Penarth to see the barrage and all the boats moored, and spend time at the sea gates watching the boats come in from the Bristol Channel.

Fans of the BBC television series Torchwood or Doctor Who will also recognise many of the locations. The Bay is certainly worth a look round

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