Stonehenge is by far the greatest attraction that draws the most visitors in the Salisbury area. Even though it is just outside of the city (about 20 minutes), it is not hard to get there with  regular buses that go from the rail station, and you can also take a taxi to get there. For centuries people have been coming there to look at the stones in the shape of a sun dial. This is a good place to visit with families. The price isn't too expensive--5.90 pounds for adults and 3 pounds for children (it's worth hiring an audio guide if you can spend the time to listen & look). You can buy food and drinks on the premises, and there is a gift shop as well.

You can also go to the Salisbury Cathedral . This is an enormous cathedral with tons of history. You can get a tour of the grounds or you can just walk around on your own. You don't have to pay to get in, but there is a suggested donation box. Generally, it is the polite thing to do to give some money. You do have to pay for a tour of the tower if you wish to go up, and on a clear day, there's a stunning view from the top: this was the tallest building in Europe at the time it was built.   When you finish there, just opposite is the Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum, which houses many of the finds and archaeological artefacts from nearby Stonehenge, as well as costume, ceramics, fine art and local history.

 The Close is the name given to the enclosure around the Cathedral, housing Mompesson House, owned by the National Trust, The Wardrobe, the Rifles Military Museum; and Arundells, the home of Sir Edward Heath who was British Prime Minister from 1970-74.

Parking is limited within the Cathedral Close, except for a few disabled spaces.  For best value, use the park & rides on the approach to the city and enjoy a full day touring the many museums & historic sites.

Another cool museum to check out is the Museum of Army Flying . This museum features aircraft from the British military that have been used since the creation of flight (starting with kites, used for military observation, and going on to the latest technology). The cost is 6 pounds for adults and 4 pounds for children under 16.