The region of West Yorkshire has weather that can be perfectly described as English weather. It is largely unpredictable with year round mix of a few sunny days, and plenty of overcast weather that brings a chill in the air. During the summer months from May through September there are many fine days, with a lot more sun than you’d expect however, but the overall climate is quite mild. It isn’t uncommon for daytime highs in the uppers 60s, with the lows in the low to mid 50s, mixed in with the usual unseasonable cool weather as well, and even in August it can feel like late fall at times.

During the actual autumn the weather cools off a bit, and by things do tend to stay fairly wet… not that there is ever really a “dry season” across England. The winter can be cold, and it does often reach freezing at night, but the area seldom has much, if any, snow fall.

Spring arrives early to this part of England too, and by the middle of March the temperatures generally start to pick up, while April and May offer numerous lovely spring days. It is also common for rather gloomy mornings that can turn out to be sunny days just after noon throughout the late spring and early summer.