The public transportation network throughout all of England is generally good, and there is no exception in Coventry .   The options for getting around the city are buses and taxis, while numerous coach and rail companies link Coventry to many major cities and towns. 

            The local bus system the makes routes around the city of Coventry is operated by the Travel Coventry company.  Route, timetable, and fare information can be found on their website, in the bus station, or on most buses.  Most busses cease operating in the late hours of the night. De courcey buses also run through Coventry to outlying towns in Warwickshire including Kenilworth, Warwick and Stratfod.

            Taxis are available in the city of Coventry , and can generally be found at the train station and at the three official taxi ranks.  If requiring transportation outside of these areas, it is recommended to call one of the numerous taxi companies based in Coventry . For basic taxis, fares are determined by the government, based on the meter, and are standard for all companies.  

            For information about a number of coach companies that link Coventry to areas throughout the country, check out this Getting Around page.

            There are numerous trains that service Coventry , linking it to many cities and towns around England .  For more information, check out the area’s two major rail companies: The National Rail Company and Centro Rail Company .