On entering the British Museum it is a little daunting, vast spaces, lots of people.  Take a few minutes to orient yourself and then collect a map from the Information Point.  It will be impossible to cover the whole museum in one visit; therefore, decide which things interest you most and plan your visit to those galleries. The museum offers an introductory Highlights tour, an around-the-world tour that will show you some of the most fascinating objects in the collection, including the Rosetta Stone and Parthenon Sculptures.

 A good option would be to download the  vusiem for british museum app on your phone. It has the maps and tours and everything else you need for the day. Suggest you download it in advance and let the information sink in so when you arrive, you are ready to take it in! 

Another app option is WalkAppBout's British Musuem Audioguide and Map . It has a comprehensive map of all six floors of the museum and highlights a Top Ten of must see items. For each of the Top Ten there is an audio piece telling you all about the item and how it came to the British Museum.

The Museum also offers 'Eye Opener' tours last for no longer than 30 minutes, and there are 15 different tours to choose from running throughout the day.  The tour guides deliver the tours in a lively way and in plain English which make them very easy to understand.  It is certainly the best way to get the most out of your visit as the guide will point out things you would never have spotted yourself. 

Both the food and the shop are a little expensive; however, the Museum is entirely free and therefore it is easy to have a good time on a budget.