Touchdown ready travel kits (from are useful for a trip to the United Kingdom. They allow you to get organized before you leave home and be, as the saying goes..Touchdown Ready. Once you arrive in the UK you can start your trip knowing you are ready for what life has in store for you. The kits come as pre packaged units or you may customize your own kit picking items a la carte. The kits can be sent to your home before the trip so you can get familiar and prepared before setting off for the UK.

The kits can be tailored to include the following. Maps, guide books, postage stamps, prepaid calling cards and cell phone sim cards to use in your phone or can include a phone with a charger and prepaid time all in one box etc.

This info is written from a North American perspective. Having spoken to other travelers from different continents who have simiilar experiences with there electronic devices being compatable. Most electronic devices these days are world compatible and the power supplies for them state that they will operate and automatically switching to the correct frequency and voltage as required. All that is required is to adapt the plug so that it fits into the AC wall socket of the location to which you are traveling.

A-Plug adaptors. If traveling from a country where the plugs and voltages are differentthan those in the UK, it will allow you to use your own devices whileon your trip.These are used to enable you to physically plug your forigen plugs into UK electrical outlets.Check your electronic devices and see what the power requirements are. Most devices will alow youto use them with 60hz/120 volt to 50HZ/240 volt.If the device is so marked then all you need is the plug adaptor. That is what you can order from Touchdown Ready in the UK. 

If your device states it operates on only one voltage, then you need a voltage convertor and they are large, heavy and expensive. Find another device that will work and go with that. Most shavers, hairdryers, curling irons, GPS units, Laptops etc manafactured today are world compatable and only need the plug adaptor. This way you can bring your own devices which you already know how to opperate to the UK and you are ready to go when you get there.

 B-Prepaid calling cards. These are cards you can use to make phone calls when in the UK. No searching for the correct change, or how much do I think the call will cost. You use the card to pay for your calls and the amount of the call is deducted from the card when the call is made. More calls to make and no more money on the card. Add to the card and off you go again.The benefit is the card is small and lightweight and you have it for use the moment you arrive in the UK. No searching for change or having to exchange money to get started.

 C-Sim cards for UK. Take you cell phone with you to the UK.  When you arrive in the UK pop in the SIM card and you have local calling. It comes with money on the phone and you can add to it as required. This way you have a phone you know how to operate and it has all your phone book info on it along with any other data you have stored and need.

 D-Cell Phones ready to go out of the box. Not sure if your phone will work in the UK, or do not want to chance losing it on the trip.Order a phone with local SIM, charger that will plug into UK outlets with no adaptor and be ready to start calling when you arrive. Great for emergency calls and checking times and reservations. How long can you be without a phone and survive. Having the phone before you leave home allows you to figure out how it works and enter your own info into the memory, phone numbers and hotel contact info etc...

E-postage stamps. Try finding stamps when on the ground. Have them with you. No searching for a post office, waiting until it opens and making the trip to get them, or over paying for stamps a a convience store. Have them with you for mailingback post cards or letters when you arrive.

 F-London maps, brochures and A to Z guide. Maps are your key to getting around and the A to Z Guide is great even if you have a GPS. Try finding something on your GPS when your not sure of how it is spelled or exactly which city it is in. A GPS and a London A to Z go hand in hand. A city map helps you get your bearings and see how far away it is. You can have then in advance to help you plan your stay.