There seems to be endless messages in the forum , so lets have as many on here.. to get tickets. Purchase tickets direct form Liverpool Football Club.

Other ticket 'outlets'... The only other official ticket retailer for Liverpool Football Club is Thomas Cook Sports. All packages include a match ticket and programme and minimum 1 nights accomodation in selected hotels.

Where to stay..? Don't think that because you have a ticket it is plane will need a room if you are coming from far away...and here is where it is tricky...the hotels put their prices up when LFC are at home..once again they will disagree , but look for yourselves...they do and they will 'cream you'....again if you can book in advance you may get a deal through the the chain hotels such as Premier Inn, Travelodge, Ibis, Campanile, Days Inn etc. Also try the Dolby Hotel close to the Albert Dock. Several B&Bs have also sprung up around Anfield.

Where is Anfield...?  It is 2.5miles from the city centre , and easily reached by buses and taxi's. The 917 Soccer Bus leaves from behind St Georges Hall, as does Taxi One, a licenced taxi service that only operates on match days and costs the same as the Soccer Bus.For further information about getting to Anfield and car parking go here:

What to do after the match.?  Well this is where choice of accommodation comes into its own...the City Centre would be the first you won't have to worry about cab fares...but horses for courses....its your don't forget , if you need a cab late at night after being in town with your pals all wont be the only person looking for a Cab...3/4 hotels round Sefton Park..its more quieter round there...the park is the biggest in the city