Stock Ghyll Waterfall Winding Walk

Allow a couple of hours to enjoy this lovely countryside hike/walk..... a pair of robust wellingtons will do if you haven't got hiking boots as it can be slippery underfoot - due to the tree foilage and mud on stepping stones. Take the road behind the Salutation Hotel in central Ambleside (on the left side of the high bend on the main one way road thru' the town centre). The road meanders up to the left and in some places it is quite steep. There are only limited car parking spaces along the route so a decision to park your car somewhere else before setting off is a MUST! Within about 5 - 10 minutes there is a gate on the left that leads into to Stock Ghyll that over the years has been transformed lovingly into a natural park and maintained without perfecting too much. This is the start of an enjoyable walk which will take you alongside the river Stock, past waterfalls and up through the Ghyll to the peak where there are places to safely overlook the river in full glory as it heads down to Ambleside and on into the head of Lake Windermere. If you don't fancy turning around and coming back down the route you've already travelled make a sharp exit south facing from the main waterfall and follow the road back down all the way to the town again. Reward yourselves with a cafe visit or for those with energy left - ladies - having a nice spending spree in some of the lovely shops awaiting your return.  Enjoy the day!