The motoring museum was tucked away at the side of the stream through the village.  From the front the museum looks quite small, but once you are inside it is like a tardis.  There are several distinct areas within the museum with a large variety of cars and motorcycles, caravans and lots of information.  The museum is set out in such a way that you can get as close to the vehicles as you want and have a really good look at them.  There is a lot of attention to detail with the vehicles having personal items such as hats, furs, coats and picnic accessories which are in keeping with the period of the vehicles.


Each vehicle has an informative and bite sized piece of information hanging above it.  So even if you are not into reading loads of info.  these signs give you a good insight into the vehicle and its origins.


As well as the vehicles there is period music playing and lots of cabinets full of household and decorative items covering many decades.  There are personal items such as letters and photographs as well as general items and clothing.  The ceilings and walls of the buildings are covered with old enamel signs and the whole place gives the impression that someone has been collecting for many years and has just allowed you to have a good look at their private collection.


At £4.10 for adults this is definitely value for money.  There is plenty to see and allow a couple of hours to see everything.   It is not a formal, "stuffy" museum, but an interesting collection of lots of items and vehicles which you can touch, look at, take photos of and towards the end of the experience even smell!!


Well worth a visit.