If you are the type of traveler who enjoys getting out and seeing the countryside away from crowds and traffic then the Cotswolds may just be the place for you.  Getting off the beaten path--literally--here is not difficult to do.  The region is home to what is known as the " Romantic Road", considered to be one of the most beautiful in England.  Traveling this road is a must for anyone visiting the Cotswolds with a car.  Entire travel guides have been written on driving the Romantic Road and its many sights and attractions, and just about any travel guide on the region, or any local, should be able to direct you to it.

The Romantic Road, which is actually two looped roads connecting at a point, originates in the Cotswolds town of Cheltenham and consists of a northern and southern route.  Each route is a large circle which will eventually bring you back to the starting point.  Along the way, each route passes through several of the Cotswolds quaint towns, villages, and countryside.  Click the link above for a map. 

Those who do not have a car or who do not wish to drive can also hire a car to take them on a tour of the Road.  Visit the Cheltenham website for more details.