The Land Train in Bournemouth is an extra-ordinary value and service to people who don't want to spend their holiday time in a car or a taxi. First off, the Land Trains start at Bournemouth Pier.

The smaller one goes from there to Alum Chine towards Poole in the West and back.

The longer one goes along the Beach Road to Boscombe Pier, then up to Boscombe Precinct (the centre of Boscombe way up high) and comes down through Boscombe Gardens back to the pier, and then goes back to Bournemouth pier to complete its circuit.

You can buy a "Day Ticket" for this service for five pounds and get on and off wherever you want, from Alum Chine to Boscombe Precinct. If you are wheelchair-bound your carer goes free, and the Land Trains all have ramps to carry disabled people with no problem.