A family-owned farm growing 9 acres of lavender and some other herbs. They harvest the lavender between mid June and mid August, and it is distilled to produce the oil. They then use the oil to make a range of products that are available in the shop (The shop is called "Sprigs"!). Before the lavender is ready and after the harvest they distill other other plant material e.g. Rosemary, Eucalyptus and the oil is
extracted. These oils are also used in the products.

When you visit it is best to go late June, early July when the lavender fields look at their best - amazing colour - and the harvest is underway. Don't be put off at other times because although the fields may be less colourful, there is still much to see. They stretch the lavender harvest out abit so that as many visitors can see and learn about the process, and twice a day from early June to mid August, generally at 11.30am and 3.00pm there is a really comprehensive talk in the distillery, when the stills are changed - emptied and refilled. You get to smell all the oils too. At other times there often someone on hand to explain the process, and when the lavender isn't being distilled, the same process is carried out and is explained with whatever other plant they are distilling.

The gardens are quite nice, and a stroll around the fields is very pleasant.  The shop is interesting, and a bit different from the normal "tourist attraction shop". The Sprigs Cafe serves light lunches and delicious cakes - again not ordinary food - all home made, and some really interesting specials.

Beautiful views, must admit.


Jersey Lavender Field