Punting is the unofficial sport of Cambridge, and those who are even slightly athletically inclined will want to skip the guided tours and learn to punt for themselves. There are punt-hire companies lining the river Cam, and the owners can briefly demonstrate how to use a long pole to navigate down the river before sending you on your way. It's easy to pick up technique as you go, and as long as you stay out of the way of the more experienced punters, you’ll be fine. Many University students engage in bridge-jumping, climbing from their punt onto a bridge and back down again on the other side, but this is an activity most enjoyable to watch instead of participate in, especially if you are inexperienced.

The University of Cambridge has an intense rivalry against Oxford, and whenever the two schools meet in varsity sporting events, huge crowds can be expected. Don’t miss the Oxford-Cambridge rugby and polo matches as well as boating races – you’ll get a chance to watch high-level sports among a group of loud, dedicated fans.

The city of Cambridge has two football (soccer) clubs: Cambridge United F.C. , which plays in the National Conference, and the non-league Cambridge City , which plays in the Chesterton district. Attend a game and you may get to observe the famous “soccer hooligans”, the boisterous spectators who have helped put English soccer on the map.