The Climbing Academy is Bristol's purpose built bouldering facility! Bouldering is a branch of rock climbing, performed at low level, usually above crash mats, and without the hindrance of equipment normally associated with climbing. This allows the participant to fully focus on the techniques and movements and makes it easier for those wishing to climb to gain a safe entry into the activity. If you are new to bouldering then the easiest way to enter the activity safely is through an induction session. Alternatively, you can be brought to the centre by experienced friends, who can look after you until such time as you are competent to become a registered member yourself. Kids can get started through Boulder Club, starting with a Taster session (which adults can attend too) and then working up through Levels 1-5 bouldering awards. If you want to climb with your families then the family inductions session is for you. Please see TCA web site for more information or call 0117 907 2956 to book. Please be sure to ring in advance to avoid disappointment.