Exploring Cape Cod Gone in Wellfleet, Mass 

They say there was a tavern here. Here?  It's way off the beaten track!  You walk through a beautiful pine forest. If you catch the right time in Spring you may even see ladyslippers among the other wildflowers along the trail. But a tavern? 

Soon, large sand dunes appear on your right.  Follow the "Tavern" signs as you hike the Great Island Trail in Wellfleet, Cape Cod. Eventually you will come to the site of a colonial-era tavern. The remains are all gone now but the history of the area is fascinating. Just below Great Island was Billingsgate, a town that has entirely disappeared!  In the late 1800s there were more than 30 houses, a lighthouse and a school there.

After your hike enjoy some world-famous Wellfleet Oysters