The best time to go to Cape Cod, in terms of the weather in particular, is the summertime.  The beaches are best enjoyed during the warmest months of summer, and the area is best avoided by most travelers during the cold winter months.  However, there are plenty of activities all year round, so those people who don’t mind the cold weather and who know how to enjoy the snow can enjoy the winter months.

Springtime is a crap shoot. April showers bring, May showers which bring a cold June until around the third week more often than not, so don't expect - but be pleasantly surprised if you get nice weather.

July and August are the best months to enjoy the beaches of the Cape Cod area.  The weather is generally warm enough for swimming but not so hot or humid that it gets uncomfortable.  The days average high temperatures of around seventy five degrees.   

Ask any local what their favorite time of year is and they will tell you "Indian Summer", another name for the crisp, fresh days of September and October. The restauants are all open, the fishing is the best, the traffic has eased and you can still catch a sunny day at the beach. 

However, the nights are cooler so guests should bring layers to stay warm.

Winter begins to get cold around mid-November and it may even start to snow that early, although the snow usually waits for closer to the Christmas holidays.  It hangs on for a long time, though, with snowfall often occurring even in early spring.