Travel to Cape Cod is considered to be safe travel for people of all ages, including families with young children.  The main thing which visitors should be conscious of when traveling to Cape Cod is the weather.  More information about Cape Cod Weather is available at .  More specifically, visitors should be aware that the time to go is the summer, when the beaches can be taken full advantage of, but that there is also some risk to any beach activity.

In terms of weather, the thing to be concerned about during the summer is the sun.  The major safety problem that comes up for tourists is that they are often deceived by the sun because it does not get excessively hot in Cape Cod.  What often happens is that visitors will fail to take standard sun safety precautions because they do not feel as though the heat is very bad.  This results in sun burn, heat stroke and dehydration.  Visitors are reminded that the sun is harsh on the skin and the body even when it does not feel particularly hot.

The other thing which visitors should be careful of when traveling to Cape Cod is water safety.   On vacation, many people opt to drink alcohol while hanging out at the beach.   Visitors are reminded that drinking and swimming can be dangerous and drinking while operating any type of boat or other watercraft is strictly prohibited by law.