A Day of Art:

Wellfleet (Cape Cod) Massachusetts has more art galleries than any other town on the Cape. It has been said  that P-Town (Provincetown) is the artist colony, but Wellfleet is the artist home and as such is the #1 spot to see, touch (not always), and enjoy the art that Cape Cod locals and well known summer resident artists produce.

A fascinating walking tour can be made of the galleries. Some are contained in stately homes and others in converted barns, and one is even in the old post office building.  You can take in breath taking sculptures to the odd little novelty which was handcrafted by an artisian.

The local information booth in Wellfleet can provide a map that shows where all the galleries are in town and gives a good idea for a walking tour that will show all of the ones near or in  the town center.  Brochures are also available at almost any of the galleries and starting from any point  is an easy walk from end to end. To get a map in the mail please write:

Wellfleet Art Galleries Assoc.

PO Box 916

South Wellfleet, Ma. 02663

Evenings ar ethe most popular with the light summer breezes blowing in and the lgihts beckoning to you to enter and take a long lasting look at the art displayed on the walls, shelves, floors and rafters.


S.F. Smuggler