Depending on which town you are heading for on Lake Garda, there are a few different options for travel from the airport to the Lake.


There is a direct bus to Brescia (approx. 1 hr), 12 Euro for adults (€22 return) , 6 Euros for children.

From Brescia you can take the train to Desenzano del Garda (approx. 15 mins.) or Peschiera del Garda (approx. 20/25 mins. and then continue to your destination either by bus or taxi.

There is also bus from Brescia to Desenzano del Garda, Sirmione and Peschiera del Garda and a bus from Brescia to Salo and Gardone Riviera


Alternatively you could take the shuttle bus, every 30 mins to Bergamo, journey time 15 mins, cost €2.30

Trains run from Bergamo to either Desenzano del Garda-Sirmione (approx 1 hr. 30 to 1 hr.45 mins)  or Peschiera del Garda (approx 1 hr. 40 mins)  with a change en-route, either at Brescia or Treviglio.

From either station on the Lake you can continue your journey by bus or taxi.

From Desenzano del Garda, there is a bus travelling up the western side of the lake as far as Riva del Garda. LN027

You can reach Sirmione from either Desenzano del Garda or Peschiera del Garda, LN026

From Peschiera del Garda,  in summer there are buses to Garda and Malcesine. From either Garda or Malcesine you can then take a bus to Riva del Garda.   

Current timetables operating until early June 2016:

Buses between Verona and Garda town: 

Bus from Peschiera del Garda to Malcesine (operating from 2nd May 2016): 

Bus from Garda to Riva del Garda: 



By car the journey to the Lake is relatively easy, straight onto the motorway until you reach Desenzano del Garda , Sirmione or Peschiera del Garda, depending on which part of the lake you are heading for.  As an example Peschiera is roughly 93 kms. taking about  one hour, depending on traffic and the time of day.  Obviously the lake road does get quite busy during the summer months at certain times of the day.


Private Transfers  are expensive, eg: Bergamo to Peschiera del Garda for two people is around €280 return. 

Many hotels can arrange transfers for you so it is always worth asking them.