Cameron Lake is a hidden jewel in Waterton Park.  To get to the lake you need to drive about 20-30 minutes up a windy road through the mountains.  The drive is well worth it, as you will invariably see deer along the way and during the spring some waterfalls.  There are several hiking trails and picnic spots off the road, and they are well marked. 

The lake is nestled in the mountains, and provides spectacular views!  The water is clear and the lake is full of fish.  There is a nice information display.  There are several hiking trails as well.  The lake is a glacial basin with spectacular views, hiking, picnicking, fishing and boating.  You can rent canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats. 

In the winter you can drive most of the way up the road to Cameron Lake.  Cross country skis will get you the rest of the way to the lake and the ice is thick enough that you can ski out on the lake - spectacular!!