The Thousand Island Railway is known for many odd things;

  • North America ’s shortest railway in history, just 3.32 miles / 5.43 km
  • The only railway with a stop at a cemetery (you had to buy a return ticket)
  • Having a stop at an umbrella at King Street (the Umbrella Station)

Due to the development of Highway 401 across the Province of Ontario in the 1950’s, freight that once moved by rail, quickly shifted to trucks.    The last of the rails were removed in 1985.

500 Susie Push

The Thousand Island Railway’s only non-steam locomotive, the “Susie Push”, a 1931 gas-electric, is on display beside the Umbrella Station, at the intersection of King Street and the Gananoque River .

The venerable Gananoque Junction Station built in 1901, still stands alongside of CN Rail’s main line between Toronto and Montreal, northeast of town on Station Street, just off Hwy 32.

Gananoque VIA Rail Station