Historic Jackson Hole was home to “gun slingers”… including homesteaders, cowboys, hunters, and outlaws.  The outlaws of the “wild west” may be gone, but Jackson still offers several unique opportunities to shoot guns… so you can feel like a modern day “gun slinger" in the "wild west”.

No experience and/or don’t own a gun?   Try the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, which offers the UNIQUE chance to fire a wide range of firearms, including rifles, revolvers, pistols and shotguns.  Abundant “Experiences” are available, to suit your interests and budget.  The “multi-gun” experience just might be your dream activity… with over 15 different firearms available, including a 45 caliber Colt 1911 pistol, Remington pump-action shotgun, and yes, even the semi-automatic AK-47 rifle!  The dinner “clay” shotgun sport experience provides clay shooting with targets thrown from traps.  Or how about “all you can shoot” experience using 22 caliber ammunition, which hardly has any recoil.  Shepard Humphries will be there to train you, as your local and highly qualified instructor.  He also offers NRA classes, defensive pistol and personal protection courses. Check TripAdvisor.com for reviews or their webpage for details www.shootinjh.com. Those with experience and/or their own firearms are also welcome.  Perhaps also consider incorporating this experience into your wedding or corporate event. 

Already own your own gun? For visitors that bring their own firearms on vacation, the Jackson Hole Gun Club opens their facilities to the public Thursday through Sunday from 10am to 4pm for $10adults and $2 children. The JH Gun Club does NOT rent firearms or sell ammunition, but range master Dan "Papa Bear" has targets, hearing protection and eye protection.  Shooting competitions are also available… most of which are casual and welcome visitors with their own firearms. You can see their schedule and get more information at www.jacksonholegunclub.net.  Limited shooting opportunities are also available with local "dude ranches" such as Lost Creek Ranch – www.lostcreek.com, and local hunting outfitters, such as Bear Basin Outfitters, that offer hunting trips at various times of the year www.bearbasinoutfitters.net

Choosing and instructor?  When selecting a shooting experience, keep in mind that it is wise to check the experience levels of instructors and to make sure they have shooting instructor insurance. NRA Instructor credentials?  Experienced in modern shooting instruction techniques? Shooting is fun but has serious risks if the instructor is not a professional, so it is in your best interest to screen your guide!