Local trains run on two lines through the area, more or less north - south.

One line runs from Brive through Souillac, Gourdon, Cahors and Lalbenque then on to Montauban and Toulouse. There are a small number of long distance trains along this line from Paris and Limoges including an overnight train. The timetable for this line is very complicated, but on average there are six trains each way on weekdays, five on Saturdays and five or six on Sundays and Holidays.

The other line runs from Brive  through St Denis près Martel, Figeac then owards towards Rodez, Albi and Toulouse. There are seven trains each way each weekday, five at weekends.

 For local train times in detail go to

 Look under 'Fiches Horaires' for downloadable and printable timetables. Lignes 05 and 14 are the two referred to above. Be aware that the information is only available in French.

Tickets for local trains need not be purchased in advance. There is no discount for so doing and there are no reservations to worry about.

For the times of trains to and from Limoges, Paris, Toulouse etc it is best to visit or as the timetables are very complicated and subject to much alteration around holidays etc. Seat reservation is strongly advised especiallyfor travel on Fridays, Sundays and around major holidays. Cheap fares are available up to 90 days before travel.


Local bus service is organised by the Lot départmental council. There is a downloadable guide to all buses, with maps and timetables at

Other than the main routes, buses do not run in the evenings, at weekends nor on public holidays. Many villages will have only one bus day, or even just one bus a week.

 The main routes are these :

  Route 7 CAHORS - LUZECH - PUY-L’ÉVÊQUE - MONSEMPRON daily service including a late bus from Cahors on Friday nights.

  Route 13 CAHORS - SAINT-GÉRY - CAJARC - FIGEAC - CAPDENAC daily service

  Route 25 SARLAT - SOUILLAC daily but very irregular service in connection with trains at these places.

  Route 26 SAINT-DENIS-LES-MARTEL - SOUILLAC daily but infrequent connecting service between stations train tickets are valid

 There is also a system of transport on demand buses serving remote areas. Details are in the document above.