In 2013, the farewell edition of The Image Mill takes place from June 23 to September 1, on the Bunge grain silos of the Quebec Harbour in Lower Town, near the Marché du Vieux-Port /Farmer Market. Map of the site on the Image Mill website. Those who want to watch the mega project from outside this area should tune in to 97,5 FM on their personal FM radio to hear The Image Mill™ soundtrack simultaneously. It is also possible to download the soundtrack in MP3 format.  Schedule, slideshow and video available on the website.  


Les Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France (The New France Festival) is the first full Wednesday thru Sunday in August. It is a cultural experience for all ages. To participate, you purchase a souvenir pass for $8 CDN if bought within 10 days before its beginning, or $10 CDN during the event, and it allows you into every venue. If you do not purchase one, you will feel guilty as you enjoy the parades and the themed drama events thought the old city. Citizens dress in incredible period clothes (which can be rented, if you dare) and enjoy their strolls through the traditional marketplaces while enjoying music and exhibits. This festival could be compared to a fantastic French version of Colonial Williamsburg, VA.


The Festival d'été de Québec (Summer Festival) has been taking place for over 40 years, beginning on the first Thursday of July and going on for 10 days. To access the Festival sites, one needs to buy a pin button, which comes with a bracelet. The pin button costs $76 (bought on site from vendors, or online beforehand). The festival will take place from July 4 to 14, 2013. Over 300 shows, most of the activities are in the open air, happening in various locations in the Old Town. Blues, folk, world music, traditional music, rock 'n roll, with contributions of local artists but also from international artists and bands. Daily street animation from noon to 11PM. The website is daily updated and the official programming is announced around Mid-May every year, and there is no doubt that 2013 will see even more spectacular activities included in the programming.


Plein Art , Québec City's Summer Craft Show, is a yearly outdoor sale-exhibit, taking place every August. A nice opportunity to observe what fine local (from the city and province) craftsmen and women come up with. Jewelry, mohair clothes, leather articles, wooden toys, furniture, ceramics, etc. In 2013, the big tents will be erected at Espace 400e in the Lower Town, within short walking distance of the Old Port and the Farmer Market (Marché du Vieux-Port). Limited parking is available at Marché du Vieux-Port, more parking spaces available across the street from Musée de la Civilisation on Dalhousie St. In 2013, the exhibit is taking place from July 30 to August 11.


The Carnaval de Québec (Québec's Winter Carnival) is a vibrant festival featuring parades, a grand ice palace that lights up at night, ice sculpture contests and a winter wonderland of games and activities (including a snow bath!) for the whole family held on the Plains of Abraham.


The Marathon des deux rives  (Two Shores Marathon) is held on August 25, 2013, and growing in popularity every year. Runners particularly enjoy the scenic location of the marathon, the smooth and efficient organization, and the freshness provided by the proximity of the St-Laurent river. In June, the Staircase Challenge takes place in town: participants are going to run up and down through the 30 staircases that are collecting the Upper and Lower Towns, for a total of 3 000 stairs (19 km). It is possible to register for the 19 km challenge, but also for the shorter 13,5 km challenge.