Quebec City may be part of Canada, but its heart and soul is strictly French, with plenty of Native Canadian and European influence. Walking through the city, visitors may easily feel that they are in a major European city, with the old-world style architecture, streets, and things like French bakeries, speciality shops, coffee houses, and gourmet restaurants.
     A major cultural highlight of Quebec is the February Winter Carnival, a sort of frozen, more family-friendly equivalent to the Mardis Gras celebration in New Orleans. The summer is also a great time to enjoy the culture of Quebec, with a lively and eclectic arts and music scene to check out. 
     Of course, this is also a fairly far northern destination with a long, rugged pioneer history.  As a result, the culture is not just about European pastries and French restaurants.  There is a very distinctive culture that calls Quebec home, one of hearty, stick to your ribs meals using native ingredients, a dialect of French that is fairly different from what is spoken in Paris today, and one that embraces outdoor pasttimes no matter what time of year it is.  This may be the most European city in North America, but it is still a unique and wonderful cultural destination in its own right.