The Plains of Abraham Park is located in downtown Quebec City.  It runs parallel with Grande Allee Street on one side and the St. Lawrence Seaway on the other.  The park is large (2.5 km long by 0.8 km wide) and has plenty of walking paths and open spaces.  The Plains of Abraham is a historic park area that was originally grazing land owned by Abraham Martin (1589-1664), but became famous as the site of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, which took place on September 13th, 1759.  Here the decisive battle between the French and English (7 Years War) took place with the English coming out as the victors.  The wonderful thing about the Plains of Abraham Park is that it is a "free" place in all meanings of the word.  Free Activities Include:   The very impresive Jeanne d'Arc Flower Garden located beside Loews Le Concorde Hotel,  bring your roller blades along and do a few laps around the roller blade circuit,  take the kids to the playground complete with a wading pool and shallow pool, bring folded chairs along with a small cooler and enjoy a beer or two while watching a rugby game that takes place most Saturday afternoons during the spring and summer, go to the arts museum (Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec) to see the permanent collection (check for reduced entrance fee on specific days).  You should definitely go and enjoy a picnic lunch or supper and enjoy a bottle of wine or a couple cold beers.  (free-dom)  there are numerous places, but a favorite place to picnic is near the large Canada flag that flies in plain view near the roller blade track.  If you go around the wall where this flag is located, there are several picnic tables with a view of the St. Lawrence Seaway (hidden Gem).  Having a picnic lunch or supper with wine is the French way to do things.  La vie est belle!  Do not worry about a ticket etc. from a Park Ranger - If you are not causing a problem, then there is no problem.  The Park Rangers will turn a blind eye to good honest  fun.  Be careful not to be rude or disrespectful however.  If you happen to be in town druing the first 2 weeks of July you should definitely buy a Festival d'été Concert Pass (Only costs about $76 for the full 2 week pass.  A real bargain!!!).  This pass will get you into all of the multitude of concerts that happen around the city in several different venues.  The most popular bands play at a site located on the Plaines just behind the Loews Le Concorde Hotel.  The Plains of Abraham Park is a must stop when visiting Quebec City.   Enjoy yourself!  Amusez-vous!