Make your own picture: after almost nine months of cold and snow, Charlottetown residents enjoy the first warming rays of sun at the beginning of spring. The community desire to work with nature to create a lively landscape is so strong that gardening is transformed into a central activity among Charlottetown residents. The sight of residents working on their lawns and nursing their roses is not uncommon along Charlottetown streets. Grateful for the help, nature responds with great blossoming and healthy plants.

Roses, orchids, and house plants such as cactus are the town’s favorites. The Government of Prince Edward Island includes an extensive section of its website to provide information about gardening including: garden and lawn equipment and supplies, fertilizers, fruit production, herbs, roses, house plants, pests, orchids and many other items.

Visit the Charlottetown Farmers’ Market  to enjoy the beautiful plants and the juicy fruits, all products of Charlottetown dwellers and of nearby farms.