The big tourism season in Charlottetown is the summertime, when the daytime weather is pleasantly warm and the evenings pleasantly cool. Daytime highs in June through August average 21°C (70°F), while overnight lows hover around 12°C (54°F).

If you visit Charlottetown in fall and spring, be prepared for rain and pack a nice raincoat and umbrella and appropriate shoes. Being an island, wind is always blowing, so even in summer, pack a coat and a light sweater. Summers are usually long making a short autumn. Summer is the most enjoyable season when there are lots of festivals and events outdoors. The traveler will certainly enjoy the town and the surrounding countryside. It is the season for walking and biking.

Charlottetown winters are cold, but not as cold as some people fear. The overnight low from December to March is usually around -10°C (14°F), with average daily highs usually in the -3°C (27°F) range. January is the coldest month and the traveler should be prepared for snow storms. Snow begins to fall in December and expect some snow in April. In recent years, winters have been somewhat warmer than that, you shouldn't rely on weather's performance: every year is unpredictable and not only in Charlottetown and Prince Edward Island.

For current weather information, forecasts, and up-to-the-minute weather warnings, go to Environment Canada's Charlottetown weather page. (This page is also available in Imperial units, i.e. degrees Fahrenheit.)

For very detailed climate information, check out Environment Canada's Charlottetown climate page.