Here are some helpful tips and recommendations for summertime cottage rentals on the beach.

One recommendation is Woods Island, which has a beach that is two kilometers long.  Since it is tidal, the water is far warmer than the beaches on the north shore of Prince Edward Island. You can dig clams, pick mussels, swim or beach comb to your heart’s content. In five minutes, you can be on the ferry to NS, or in 45 minutes, you're in Charlottetown. There are lots of lovely small villages and hamlets in Eastern PEI along with several top notch golf courses.

The area around Cavendish is strongly recommended for families since it has lots of attractions and activities for all ages.  However, if you’re looking for peace and quiet, you may want to go elsewhere. Keep in mind – distances are short…to cross the Island from Charlottetown to Cavendish, it's only 25 minutes or so!

A cottage overlooking the Northumberland Strait is also ideal. The water is very warm and protected since it runs between PEI and New Brunswick.

One thing to remember is that beaches on the Northumberland Strait side generally have red sand. It's really quite beautiful, but it can stain your socks, beach towels, or anything else it comes in contact with. The stains might come out--or they might not. So choose your socks and towels accordingly.  Beaches on the north shore generally have white sand.  The water is generally warmer on the Northumberland Strait side, compared to the north shore. 

PEI has a really great search engine for accommodations, including cottages, hotels, campsites, etc.  On PEI's helpful tourism web site you can search for the type of accommodations you want, the area, and you can specify you want properties that are waterfront, have a pool, are a minimum number of stars, are in a certain price range, and so on. 

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