More laid-back establishments include Phog Lounge, a bar that features local artists of all genres and has been voted best music venue in Windsor by CJAM (local community radio station) five consecutive years and best live music venue in Canada by a CBC poll in 2009. Milk Coffee Bar has a mellow feel to it and displays local artwork and houses local independent musicians from time to time.Vermouth is a cozy, inviting lounge with great appetizers, wine, martinis, and eclectic patron-base.

The legal drinking age in Ontario is 19, which leads to many teens from across the border making a weekend trip to Windsor for alcohol, gambling and general debauchery. There are plenty of places for this. The main strip (Ouelette Avenue) houses most of the clubs for these young patrons such as The Beach, which is a sports bar with a 16” screen TV during the day, becomes a rowdy nightclub on weekend evenings. Friday is a ‘Girls Gone Wild’ night with a pillow fight competition and on Saturdays, The Beach turns into a massive dance party. The Chubby Pickle is a live music venue for fans of Tops 40 style music. Voodoo Nightclub in downtown Windsor has a large dance floor and a suspended DJ booth. 

For a quieter night out, try one of the several cinemas in the Windsor area. Devonshire Mall Cineplex  at 3100 Howard Avenue is a 12-screen theater showing mostly the latest blockbusters. Other large cinemas are the Silver City Windsor (4611 Walker Road) and Lakeshore Cinemas (164 Lakeshore Drive).